Buttons In Your Clan Tag on MW3 - Important Information

Hai Guise,

Sorry, it’s been way too long :smiley:

Anyway most of you have probably already seen or heard of the button mod in your clan tag on MW3 and well I want to kind of explain somethings I have been doing with it… it’s pretty interesting…

Ok so here’s my list of values and what they equal…
c140 — 00
c141 — 01
c142 — 02
c143 — 03
c144 — 04
c145 — 05
c146 — 06
c147 — 07
c148 — 08
c149 — 09
c14a — 0a
c14b — 0b
c14c — 0c
c14d — 0d
c14e — 0e
c14f — 0f
c150 — 10
c151 — 11
c152 — 12
c153 — 13
c154 — 14
c155 — 15
c156 — 16
c157 — 17
c158 — 18
c159 — 19
c15a — 1a
c15f — 1f
c160 — 20

Some of them are a little off, sorry this is my “rough draft”. Anyway, after many hours of trial and error, you can see how the numbers are relating to the actual hex values of the buttons.

Let me try and make this as simple as possible here… split the c1 from the other 2 numbers… they are separate letters. c1=Á in hex… and 41=A in hex, so for my list I combined them together… it goes like c141 = ÁA, which equals the value 01, which is the button symbol for “A”.

Here is the list of those button symbols…
01 - A
02 - B
03 - X
04 - Y
05 - LB
06 - RB
10 - LS
11 - RS
12 - LT
13 - RT
14 - DPAD_UP

Also when you are using different accent letters, you get different starting numbers, so instead of “c1”, you get “d1” or “e1”, you get the point, different letters = different hex values which equal multiple combinations… most of them give you “Text is blank or contain illegal characters”, so they are really pointless, but there are some that are actually cool… I found some pretty cool chinese like symbols with one of the accented I’s, but what I really wanted to see if anyone can find anything with is the ÁJ, which is 0A, remember… .bind/.set?

Ok, so a long time ago I remember modding my gamertag in CoD4 with 0A as one of the values… it made my name like go down or something crazy, don’t remember, but it does the same now when you put it in your clan tag…

What I was mainly going for was a way to “set” dvars through like create a class or something… idk if its even possible… just making an attempt with like “ÁJset clanname “^5IW””, which would be 0A in hex then the set just like regular set command, idk if the dvar clanname is still used or if would work like this…

I really wanted to make this thread for those who want to actually know what going on with the button mod… and those who might could figure something out with this… I’m just throwing ideas out…

You put a lot of work into this. Thank you for helping the community

Could Someone Possibly Put Up a Link To Hex For Me, and Does This Work Online? Thanks in advance. :smile:

0a is for vertical text. 0d is for left-justified text as well.
I think I just figured out how to manually insert colors. I don’t know if you knew so I will come back with my results

Alright you can’t manually do colors because you need this ž for it to work which isn’t an option.

I was working on that, and you are correct about that z, it reads 9e in hex which is 5e away from 40 (5e = ^), which is the general relationship between the other values… I’m glad someone is smart enough to understand :smiley:

What I’m thinking is trying to make that z, 9e, which would be 14e (de - counting in hex 8,9,a,b,c… 14 = d), which is Þ, so then it would be “ÁÞ” = c1de…then that should make the n with the accent, then put the Á before it and then a number after it… I’m going to go mess around :smiley:

Edit: It works, the only problem is you have to go back into clan tag for the ^ to show up, but it DOES work. I’m going to mess with this some more…

thanks for your time put into this :smile:

all my friends were like “oh em gee a hack” i knew it wasnt though :3 thanks for this guide.

Guys dont do it ive heard people saying they got banned from doing it. Also you can also put the buttons in your custom classes. Trust me dont do it

I already knew this but another good post, nonetheless. I found it funny that some people thought the buttons just appear in your clan tag instead of checking the hex counterpart.

Also I too have thought of the possibilities of using it for mods, though I have not tried because they were patched in Call of Duty 4 and I did not expect Infinity Ward to make the same mistake. I have been playing so much multi player/special ops that I have not had much time either.

I will make sometime later and post back with my findings.

I’ve seen two people with a ^1IW clantag, maybe it’s not relevant, but just letting you know it’s possible. Does the vertical clantag still work?

Need help! Foolishly I tried ^1 in my clan tag and now I can’t get into a live match. Keeps saying “server is a diffeent version 1.3” . can’t even change my clan tag at all now…how do I get back to my normal life!!