Buy PRO with WP

My suggestion would be that you can buy PRO with WP, for example 3 days PRO costs 5000 WP.

Thanks for the suggestion. The staff is making more options for WP.
Im not sure what the plan is but this could be an option.
Will see.

Guess you might look over this @staff

That would be nice. Tyvm for the answer.

Tagging @staff does no good. We don’t get a notification for it. Tag Frank, Zach, or myself.

This is just my take on the ability to use WP to buy Pro. It would have to be a 1 time thing otherwise people would just save all their points to buy Pro and current Pro members would get a free month every 3rd month at that price. If users were just saving points and not willing to spend them on voting then it would defeat that. It could also have a huge impact on us as that is how we pay for severs, developers, designers, ect.

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5000/3×30=50000. So every 6th month.
I agree with the other things though.

A seperate currency for trainer voting might be an idea for later (if users not spending points on voting ever becomes a big issue).

10k points when you subscribe + 12k per month = 3 months.

It really doesn’t matter though. If people just keep all their points to buy Pro it defeated the purpose of us implementing the system.

I guess we are both right (and wrong). The exact number will be impossible to predict. The 10k bonus is a one time thing and the rate wepoint are earned depends on usage.

If a trial were to be available, it would have to be different from the current pro status. The wepoint bonuses would need to be removed from the trial version.

IMO setting up a trial system now would be a bad idea considering the time it takes, the risks and the limited exclusive pro features.

I am interested in the future of this site. It might fail horribly, it might succed. It mostly depends on the decisions made.