C&C RA3/ CoH 2 not working

Hello, I have a slight problem as the desktop app wont recognize command&conquer Red Alert 3 nor Company of heroes 2 as being installed. I also tried the manual fix but it did nothing. is there something Im doing wrong? and/or why wont it recognize the game as being installed even tho I’ve put in the .exe

Are you clicking and dragging the icon from your desktop to the WeMod software? Because most of the times that’s actually just the launcher, not the .exe. The launcher is usually a separate stand-alone application from the game itself.
But if you right-click that desktop icon and then choose “open file location”, you’ll be directed to the folder where the .exe is. In Windows 10, the .exe is identified by the file type “Application”. The file with the game’s icon labelled “application” is the one that needs to be added to WeMod.

Here’s an example using one of the games on one of my machines (Wolfenstien: The New Order):

If the game is cracked then there is the chance that WeMod cannot recognise it and probably never will. This is because cracked games have usually had their critically important files messed about with and changed around a bit, which would mean it could require its own specific trainer.

This support article might help you further:

yes, I used steam to browse local files and there it says application on “RA3” so yea… good idea but im still clueless.