Call of Duty 4: Mod Question

Hello everyone,

Been searching Google and some people have done Youtube vids and stuff, but you never seem to get a proper answer.

Also. I tried searching on here but the threads were closed due to the age of the threads. So here are a couple of questions.

1: I only want campaign mods. If its possible what mods can you do. I don’t interfere with people playing online so this is for my own use only.

2: Do you need a JTAG console to use any of the mods. I’m hoping they’re as simple to use as the likes of Oblivion, Dragons Dogma.

3: Do any of the mods effect achievement unlocks. I heard that intel unlocks cheats but then prevents you unlocking achievements. Do the mods get by this?

4: The only thing I’ve seen is where you replace your save. Who’s save are you replacing it with and does that stand a chance at getting you banned? I don’t play online but I do have a gold account.

Cheers for any help you can offer.

COD4 is extremely easy to mod. I would suggest clearing your cache and using COD Tool. It may be hard to find now but it is straight forward and basically has everything you could possibly want. Achievements will not be affected by using it and you do not need a jtag.

Top man!

Why is it you have to clear your cache and should I just google something like COD Tool 360?


Well I found a tool called CoD_Tool and it looked nice and easy to use. I used Horizon to extract the save game file but when opening with the CoD Tool it didn’t recognise the game. Should I use other programs with the CoD Tool rather than Horizon?


I did manage to find one. A tool by a modder named Poison. When using it you seem to start off from the escorting War Pig mission. However it appears it only lets you go so far before the War Pig cannot progress. It may have been down to whislt I was looking for a way to get rid of the modder message at the bottom of the screen, I also fumbled about and killed all AI. This also includes your team mates and perhaps this is why I could not progress.


Got it working. Works a treat and a lot of fun. Cheers mate.