Call of duty 4: XP Bot Infections lobby! Free!

**** off, all of you.
constant ****ing posts this was done like 6 months ago
**** you all.
xboxmb is full of ****s tbh.

reckon you will be goin in an hour?
talking to a friend who is damn hot … haha

Haha sure most likely mate:)

Thanks man , this is legit.

welcome mate:) here to help

Also where do i go to enable this , i went to system link , backed out and it still on my screen when I go t private match

will defo check it out soon then :smile:
gonna get it on my new acc if you dont mind

Oh never mind i got it , thanks again

Anyone else want in?

can i still join?

Sorry did not mean to thank your post.

Have you got Promod infections?

lol thanks ;3

legit as

Join or ask for invite!
Gamertag: x LZZL