Call of Duty 4 Zombies Modded Patch with Cheater912!

This is going to be epic.

Send Cheater915 a message on Xbox LIVE to get an invite!

Even though im in the game can i still ask for an invite?

My ****ty CoD4 disc never loads and just says open tray all the time, but I’ll try…

I’ll send you a message, but you hate me.

Nice if i get in i will record all of it <3.

ill msg you :smiley:

Joining to Tea Bag Zrueda & Cheater. (Jk)

To lazy to put Cod4 into my console :anguished: wish I could join!

lol how i was with him when he failed multiple times today :stuck_out_tongue:

im down

time to rape some devs (;


i am in the game right now :thumbsup:

What is modded about it

Cant join as of now but will there be more in the future ?? :smile:

theres no limit for people joining and it has game settings modded

oh If only i had gold. :anguished: silver sucks

Yes there is, 24 is max.

lol lent cod 4 to friend today

Awh Damn! I ran out of live. :anguished: