Call Of Duty Advance Warfare Zombies!

looks so hype!!! Although I do wish were you technically “pack-a-punch” a weapon id give it a slightly different look thats practically all i can complain about!

Anyone know if you can license transfer the season pass?

Is gthis out now??

I wish he would just shut up. I find him extremely annoying and just want to watch some zombies.

I think so just like I got all my step bros dlc because he logged onto his account on my xbox one!

Well i got my xbox 360 licence, you can’t transfer it unfortunatly, Activision made sure you can’t as i tried it with a friend with no such luck, maybe it was just me or him… But hey Sorry bro.

im thinking for the xbox one you can if you put that account in your family so everything is shared.

You can! I’ve done it before with previous COD Titles. I’m still looking for someone who has it via xbox one so i can do the same.