Call of Duty Advanced Warfare campaign 'longer than the last few'

[/img]Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s campaign promises to be longer than those of recent series entries, according to Sledgehammer Games studio head Glen Schofield.

Sledgehammer’s first solo entry in the shooter series is said to be set in a plausible future, specifically the year 2054, and stars Kevin Spacey as main antagonist Jonathan Irons.

His character is the boss of Atlas, a private military company which developed nations turn to following a global terrorist attack. Players take on the role of Atlas employee and former US marine Jack Mitchell.

IGN has also published a list of Advanced Warfare’s Achievements and Trophies, which are mainly tied to the game’s campaign.

On Wednesday, Sledgehammer revealed Advanced Warfare’s co-op mode, Exo Survival. It has also been taking the wraps off the title’s multiplayer component with a series of reveal videos released this month.

The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare release date is November 4 on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC.


What’s the point? There will be no Captain Price.

I still haven’t even played the campaign for Ghosts :smirk:

Longer campaign…so I’ll beat it within 24hrs. of release rather than half that?

But seriously, I’m still a little bit excited for this game to release since Sledgehammer is following Treyarchs footsteps and listening to the community. But, when it comes to the “Exo Survival” I don’t think I’ll play much of that since I didn’t enjoy the normal “Survival” in the past Call of Duty games; I would have preferred to have “Spec-Ops” return because at least those were cool/different/someone made you work as a team to complete a goal.

I still stand with saying Modern warfare 2 had the best storyline