Call of duty advanced warfare help

hello all.

got the discs burnt fine. i can install package 1 from disc one, then it says press button to install content package 2
i press start get a warning

no save device was sleeked.
you will not be able to install the content pack.
do you wish to select a save device?

i pick yes and it just loops.

i have room 35gb free on my hard drive I’m not sure whats happening

I think you need more space in your HDD I install the game and they install 2 things so maybe its that

Not sure of the entire size as I played it on my RGH and not a flashed console. On other sites people say using Horizon to transfer the files from disc 1 onto the hdd works. I guess they extract Disc 1 data inject it to Xbox 360 formatted USB then copy to HDD. Perhaps that will help you in this case.

make sure you clear your system cache and delete all corrupted save data

if that don’t work I also burn a new copy it was ran through ABGX with the new ini file and I clear system cache after everythingit worked for me hope it works for you honey boo boo

If you can’t figure out then just open the ISO and open CONTENT and then there’s two files in there and just open them in horizon and save to device and transfer them to your hardrive.

Should have waited for a real copy.