Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Leaked Images, Maps, Menus,*No Spoilers*

[/img]Its that time of year. Some lucky person got their hands on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare early and new info regarding Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer has been revealed. All 14 MP map names names and Hardcore modes have been confirmed.


[details=Open Me]14 Multiplayer Maps:
Bio Lab
*Atlas Gorge

Hardcore modes:
Hardcore Team Deathmatch
Hardcore Kill Confirmed
Hardcore Domination
Hardcore Search and Destroy

Team Deathmatch
Kill Confirmed
Free For All
Capture The Flag
Search & Destroy
Search & Rescue
Gun Game


Looks just like call of duty ghost, and the #1 reason why CoD is taking a toll on the community.

So, is it leaked yet

Treyarch is next up on the list and they have never disappointed me. I didn’t like Ghosts and I probably won’t buy Advanced Warfare. Looks like Titanfall, meh…

I’m sorry but… what?

It looks nothing like Ghosts.

Sooo excited for this game…I actually mean it too

I’m just waiting for Treyarch’s next game, I WANT ZOMBIES!!!

and what happens if there is a zombie-like game mode?? in AW

I was hearing something about hell spawn mode if its true this game should be awsomeee!

As of right now there isn’t one, they have released news regarding the Exo-Suit mode having a round where it’s similar to Zombies, but I’m pretty sure it’s no where near comparable to Tryarch’s zombies mode. (ex: Has an Easter Egg which people can strive to complete.)

In my opinion the only people that should be allowed to make CoD games are Treyarch. All the CoDs since MW3 sucked **** and fanboys bought it. I don’t understand how people could carelessly throw away their $60 on a piece of crap. But it’s your choice, if you want a remake of the same game go for it, who am I to tell anyone.

The leak is iminent… cant wait!

I’ll have this game just for the hell of it cause i know people will wanna play so i’ll just end up “Buying” it lol. COD Is like madden to me honestly, same thing every year but hey! Whatever rakes in the money. I know someone who took a photo of the disk itself for PS4. Assuming they got it from a store near by or something.