Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare mods not working?

For me it isnt working

We need more information to help you…
What isn’t working? What mods in specific? Do you get any error messages?

None of it works, I set it all up, high jump, faster jump, etc. Then click save and there is no error message but when I put it into my Xbox and move it on, then load cod aw it doesn’t do anything. Thanks Angus

Either replace the old unmodded save or pick the flash drive when the game asks.

I have done both of those things

Delete the title update and start a new game. Tool might be outdated

Tried that but thanks

Someone help please

You correctly rehashed and resigned correct? Are you choosing the file from your USB?
And just to make sure, you’re trying in the CAMPAIGN correct? The tool is only for campaign.

Yes but what do you mean by CORRECTLY rehashed and designed?


There shouldn’t be an issue with rehashing and resigning, if you’re saving the file in Horizon it should be working.

You’re trying this in singleplayer, correct?



Would it kill you to have patience? People have lives, we’re not going to reply instantly.

Are you sure you’re using the right save and not the old one by accident? If that’s the case the tool may need to be updated. I don’t have the game so I can’t try it for you.