Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare on Jtag


I have download Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare i extracted Disk 2 on My External Hardrive and i try to run it throw FSD is dosent load screen is blank any idea How to make it work ???

Please Guide me to correct direction i really want to play this game …


You need the content from disk one if I’m not mistaken so extract the 000000000000000 folder from disk one and put it on you’re hdd.

Hox is correct. Transfer both folders to your hdd then in Disc 1 there is a folder labeled Content. Go into that until you see a folder named “41560914” Copy that folder to your hdd at the location “hdd1\Content\0000000000000000” Then enjoy.

I have Extracted Both Disk on my External Xbox Hard Drive after that i put the 2 contents to my flash drive which i am using for internal storage using Horizon. But it didn’t work when i try to play it both disk get freezed blank screen and then it say The Game Couldn’t start. Try Downloading Again… :anguished: any solution ?

there isnt 2 contents theres 1 and its only on disk 1 if im not mistaken?

Just upgraded Dashbord to Latest version and game is working now … :smile:

where did you get it from because I don’t have a prem account and I can’t download it without one

the iso?


I downloaded it broken down into parts and already extracted from x360iso.

yes but a jtag rip becasue I don’t have how to do it with a reg iso

extract iso via a program of your choice ( I use xbox image browser) and then transfer content to console.