Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare scales up to 1080p on Xbox One

[/img]Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare runs at 60 frames per second on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Sledgehammer Games confirmed. The first-person shooter is also locked in at 1080p on PS4, though it “runs at 1080 scalable,” according to the developer’s co-founder, Michael Condrey. The resolution of the Xbox One version of the game will change “on a frame by frame basis” in real-time, according to the developer.

Condrey told Metro that the game “will scale from 1360 all the way up to true 1080,” shifting from resolutions of “1360×1080 up to 1920×1080” on the Microsoft console. It’s an improvement on the series’ efforts last year on the console, as Call of Duty: Ghosts trotted out an upscaled 720p version on Xbox One.


why doesn’t microsoft do this in the first place…