Call of duty Black ops 2 mod problem

Hi my name is Patton and I need help.I pirate downloaded the Call of duty Black ops 2 from this website called finish downloaded it will include ofcourse Single player,Zombies and Multiplayer.This is Pirated Call of duty Black ops 2 not original copy right one.I tested the trainer with other call of duty games for example Black ops 1,Ghosts,Advance warfare and it seems to work fine.But when I start Black ops 2 from trainer the game starts yeah but I thought it will like other games but when I press on the hot keys it doesn’t make any sound then I went back to check on the trainer and it says “The game could not start because it was taking too long to load” something like that.Other games when I press on the hot keys it will make sound but only on call of duty black ops 2 it doesn’t make sound.The trainer couldn’t read the game.I started from trainer like everytime I want to mod but this time I started it,the game opens but I couldn’t mod.Please help?Thanks.Appreciated.

Tried it many times though and still doesn’t work.

Load the game first then hit start in Infinity.

You mean load the game from desktop first then press the “Start game” button on Infinity?

If that’s what you mean then I’ve tried it but it doesn’t work.Any more help would be appreciated.Thank you.

Seeing as you are using a cracked version it could be a number of things including simply not working because it is cracked.We only support the official game from Steam or the respective DRM. I would make sure it is on the latest version and that the exe are named the same. If that doesn’t work maybe @STN will be able to recommend something else.

Just to make sure you aren’t using the zombies mode right and only the single player part ?

Make sure to run infinity as an admin, most cracks run the game in admin mode so you need infinity to be running in admin mode as well. Add infinity to your antivirus exception list and temporarily disable it.