Call of Duty Black Ops Free Call of The Dead?

Hey is it going to be possible to get the new map packs free?

i think this is the section you are looking for. Call of Duty: Black Ops - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards

They are fixing the 2nd profile glitch so no sorry

Damn. Xbox is trying to take out all the fun from their systems. I might have to risk getting my personal information stolen and go to PS3. LOLOLOLOL…yeah right.

Yes it will work, until the new dashboard is released.

xbox360iso in like a day?

Maybe but probably not with treyarch’s gay security

i dont know whats the big deal just buy it like a normal person you risk getting banned or something happened to you if you mod for a MAP PACK not worth it in my book.

Doubt ! may be it is doing work proper…

so there doing a ban wave and your still trying to steal content?

i HOPE SO WITH Treyarch ridiculous prices lol

Someone allready posted them on ttg