Call of Duty : Black Ops - Mods After All Patches

Lobby status : Hosting

All mods are done online after every single title update. We will be hosting free lobbies on a daily basis!
These mods work with every DLC, and they will work when the new map pack comes out, so look forward to that.

How to get into the lobby:

Send a message to any one of the gamertags below, telling us what website you're from, and your username on the website you came from. [b]- McCaffrey[/b]

Video Proof:

More videos soon, such as: Noclip, godmode, etc…


[/b] Will you ever release these? No

Are these done online?
Read the thread…

How do you do these?
Sorry, but we’re not going to release this.

Can I donate and get an instant invite?

What mods can be done with your method?

Method of getting mods to work after all patches found by:

[b]- McCaffrey (Me) - Godlike Cookie (Ihatecompvir)[/b]

It’s legit as of 6/21/11.

Don’t pay for this.

Send Mccaffrey a message…

Been 20 mins - still no invite…

Ok so it has been 1 hour and still… No invite

Sent one to the first dude!

Meh… i’m sure teh l337 will just find it or alreayd knows it and will release because of his l337ness

I just hit you up with a message :smiley:

i messaged McCaffrey (:

This is legit and very fun

I declare fake… I have been waiting for 1 hour for my inv and nothing…

I sent a message to all of them and got a invite 30 minutes later.

or maybe you just stole someones video from when the game came out, when you could mod it?

So just Unlimted Ammo?

When i was talking to one of them He said you can only bind one thing. So he could have no-clip but not unlimted ammo,

It’s been about an hour or so… >.<

I’m really busy guys sorry. I have over 100 messages.

I really don’t see a point in keeping it to themselves when its only One Bind :confused:

Unlimted Ammo is really the only one that everyone can use.

guys me and 2 others are in it. we have been playing so thats why you havent gotten a invite

Kirby and Havok are limited of what they can do, most Dvars are patched or disabled, there are certain perameters they can’t use and its really confusing, I couldn’t figure it out… Their working on multiple binds, although I bet you Comp isn’t even trying…lol

I hope this wont get me banned.

It won’t get you banned, if someone had to get banned, it would be the host. There in private matches, their not .gpd’s, and Kirby said these are 99% un-detected.