Call of Duty: Black Ops Nazi Zombies Leaked Kino Der Untoten +more

[u]Call of Duty: Black Ops Nazi Zombies Leaked Kino Der Untoten 10/18/10[/u]
call of duty blackops

Everyone has been asking to see some Nazi Zombie footage from black ops and look what turned up some Black ops Nazi zombies yes the gameplay was leaked from a retail copy of the game this map is called Kino Der Untoten and it means The undead cinema

Call of duty - Black ops leaked 10/16/10

call of duty blackops

Finally, Some proof that call of duty black ops has leaked this video shows proof you can also see the intro to the game and the main menu by the looks of things more videos are to come

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Nice videos. Someone actually playing the game, not using a Jtag. Lawl.

the video is a fake, there is NO way that there would be nazi zombies, jd_2020 said himself that nazis wouldn’t make sense, its most likely a pc map.

You don’t know what you’re talking about

and yet still no ripped copy of a retail disk :cry:

HAHAHA i dont ? nonono, you dont. otherwise you would know treyarch have said there will NOT be NAZI zombies, it has the same zombie, hand, gun, powerup models. so before trying to tell me that, you atleast know what your talking about.
guess you didnt know you can use your tv as a pc screen either.
ever heard of modding ? its what you do when you make a new map, not hard to make a ui either.
i dont care how real this looks, it even has freinds coming online. it could always be fake and with jd2020 saying nazis wouldnt make sense and there wont be any just makes this fake.

If this is real which it most likely isnt it would be very stupid because there still using WWII weapons

Why dont you leak this game!

You people are retards. If you look around about 7-8 people have the game.
I don’t believe its called Nazi zombies but just Zombies.

Can’t wait for this looks pretty beast. And wouldn’t it be more appropriate if we call it Soviet Zombies now?

no your the retard cause you dont know how to use logic.

The first video was already posted by someone else before you.
Second one wasn’t though.

Dude really? Why don’t you think this is real? You are a FCKING RETARD if you don’t think this is real! There is proof on G4TV and even on Call of Duty’s website! STFU and stop talking when you know when the game comes out you are going to be shut up anyways dumbas

Really? Prove me wrong.

Ok so you can use google, that doesn’t make you an expert.

treyarch say no NAZI zombies, same zombie model and nazi tapestrys all over the walls. nuff said.

why would anything i said make you think i used google ?

Really man? Cause I think I bring a pretty good fight to the table with this…
Pretty good Reason I’d Say?

Zombies is going to be in the game. Hands down.

Mods please move to Call of duty black ops thread. Thank you.

There is zombies in there