Call Of Duty Black Ops - Team Death Match + Unlimited Ammo by xTOOKTAx

It looks like people are already ruining this game.

I hope to god this is bots. To bad its not. Or at least private match.

I agree.

3 kills streak dogs, what the ****.


Treyarch fails.

No tenth, no leaderboards, no unlock all, no infections, and i’m fine. I support the ‘fun mods’, just not the gay, cheating ones.

Its offline, who cares.

Oh sweet Jesus lol


Modders hard at work. :smiley:

Can you show us how it is proof?

its gatta be offline

It’s system link guys lol

Cool modz

nice i cant wait for a patch is released for 15th prestige and stuff for system link:)

I hope thats offline…

I’m fine if we do this with bots, but online. No.

how? if there bots, then you need xbox live for it. right? :worried:

if this is online i HATE YOU

I support mods that aren’t game breaking. :smile: Like this. Just unlimited ammo so eh, looks fun.