Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombie Glitches: *NEW* Invincibility Glitch On

Credit to my friend jay


  1. Make your way down to where i go which is on the second floor
  2. Then go to the corner i go to and dolphin dive into it (My best tactic is to dolphin dive the second before you hit the corner.
  3. And if done correctly you will land on the corner and from there you just jump ontop of the computers and you are good (=

this has already been posted by someone else but good tut

This Glitch?

I haven’t seen this posted before… Maybe he didn’t watch the video and thought you meant after going down where the portal shows up. :stuck_out_tongue:

nice i goin to have to try this one lol
Already Posted

ah he did post but he didn’t have a tut for it

uhhh yes he did.

This has not been posted in a proper manner. This actually showed me how to do this and it was successful. The other TuT was bad and I could never get it.

Thanks damodder100!

Not to troll but it has been posted. Sorry , LOL
Nice job trying to keep up and posting. Thx Goo tut really.

Please lock

Join 3/4 of the people above you that already stated that. I’m sure he’s gotten the point by now and doesn’t need more than 1 person stating “It’s already been posted.” Many things in forums get double posted. It’s common that people don’t use the search bar.

Nice video man. Keep up the good work. Subbed. :smile:

According to your Youtube Channel though, it’s been patched. :confused:

patched now so has all the other glitches thats been posted on five…

Gong to try this thanks, but looks like people are saying this is posted already.

Looks fun.

cool, also saw u a rsa cracker, not old timer… idk wht tht is but i bet its good, so gratz lol

Great Tut! The other post didnt help me put this one sure did!

Patched as of last night :smiley: