Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies Glitch: Invincibility Spot on Der Riese

Too bad nobody has the map pack

lol thats funny does it work with WaW as well or just black ops?

Thanks :smiley:

epicness! iv been waiting for a good glitch on map packs

What the ****. That so simple and probably overlooked. I would use it but I like zombies in World at War better.

About time for a non five glitch!

I do…

lol true true

i have the mp

nice post ,this works


I wish i had that map pack for Black ops!

Old but kool :smile:
Also on De Reise in the beginning of the level you can sit stand or prone on either side.

very nice post bro thx for teh share

grrr, i dont have the map packs :anguished:

cant believe this works :smiley:

Awesome too bad im the only person om my friends list who has this Sl-lIT

Does this still work?

Ummm, I don’t know.