Call of Duty: BO Map Pack 2! Already?

The maps are as follow’s:

Maybe Outskirts in BO is the map we had from WaW but who knows, we must wait and see to find out.

Old bro :confused:

Can’t wait to get them for free…lol

I hope its outskirts form WaW without the tanks

Yes that would be cool


This’s old and they wouldn’t bring back a World at War multiplayer map, it has absolutely nothing to do with this game lol. If it was a sequel, then yes but it isn’t.

Cargo, Cubatown and Hotel were unfinished maps.
Hotel looked good.

Nice cant wait for outskirt :thumbsup:

This is kinda old and who knows if its even real.

I f*cking hate tanks

all the map packs are pretty much made already…most maps from first strike were just pulled out before the game released…these maps were unfinished because of the shipping issue…

looks like ill be getting them Maps Free 2,i wouldnt waste Ms Points on ****ty Blackops dont really like the game.

Modded sorry.

Yea but lol this always shows up on PS3 lol

Most maps were discontinued in early stages of the game if you look through the code. But Activision likes money, so I guess they’re no longer being discontinued but now finished.

Some of them were pretty complete, just needed textures, ect…

One thing I would say, the underwater map that was discontinued will not be continued. In the early stages Treyarch failed to understand that most kill streaks can’t be used under water. Lol.

You do realise ‘First Strike’ was discontinued maps?

Yup tucker is 100% correct. All they did was add a few things and they called it a map pack.