Call of Duty Ghost Camo - How to Get it FREE!

Step 1: Log in Elite account
Step 2: go to this website:
Step 3: fill out fake information for everything (except GT/PSN) upload fake pic too!
Step 4: click submit then copy the link and click the link next to it!
Step 5: enter the code you copied and it will be on your account within a few minutes!

Isn’t working for me, the link doesn’t load anything on the activision support site for some reason, tried all browsers. They may have found out and fixed it

I did it a few minutes ago I used Internet explorer.

I just tried with IE and the site wasn’t loading, idk why, could just be my comp or like Norton or somethin blocking it for w/e reason

Do you get a message at the bottom of the browser saying the site isn’t safe?

He posted the wrong link… Here y’all go: Activision Support

Fake info for y’all (works everytime, have used it everytime):

And recipt for you to save and attach:

Proof it works:

Just got my code, and it worked like a charm. Thanks

I literally wrote completely fake info and uploaded a random picture and it still worked for me, didn’t even use a fake receipt pic

worked 4 me

Just got it! Thanks

LOL this system is awful, I literally uploaded a pic from google, wrote in random info and I have the camo. I don’t understand…lol

Whooaa, now I don’t have to go to GameStop and do the pre-order ‘trick’; got the code for myself in one attempt. Thanks!

Just did this for my friend and it worked for him as well. :smiley:

Still works, thanks :smile:

Worked perfect

Cheers guys worked like a charm! :smiley:

this work for me thanks

Thanks, worked.

thanks worked right away

Worked great.

Much appreciated.

Says it is unavailable now