Call of Duty:Ghosts - Multiplayer 65k Lobby!

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  1. Add RubbersTrap
  2. Join in session (might be full)
  3. Jump in and kill 65k per kill.[/size]
  • It’s Just A Game…

XP works? Time to add it to my tool

You will probably get banned if you do this.

You should probably add a warning in the original post.

no probably about it your modding a game that hasnt even been released yet…

Game hasn’t even been released yet and there is an XP lobby out already.

does this stick?

^this. I was stunned to see this today…

But hey, CoD deserves this. Mod it 'till they stop making more **** games.

That was possibly the dumbest thing I’ve heard in my entire life…

He has a point. I really don’t understand why they continue this series. But hey money will make people do a lot of things :smile:
P.S. still getting the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is exactly why they keep making it…

you would think after how many games they would figure out a way to stop having it modded before its released :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude the series is doing fine… Plus Ghosts is very different from previous Call of Duty titles. The multiplayer is insane and the campaign is solid. The series doesn’t need to die anytime soon.

Just a quick question to rubbersallday if you read this.
Will you do this on the release date of the game as well or only for today?

Yeah, you’re right. The evolution is visible. Adding some fancy light effects and shaders + new (even fancier) rank emblems make a complete new, next gen game. Sorry, my mistake.

Go on sir, I am listening very carefully. Enlighten me with your limitless mind of a typical CoD player (kid).

You obviously haven’t played the game… It’s completely different. What Infinity Ward did with this Call of Duty will change all the others in the future.

This Call of Duty is **** sorry to say.

Some one has to say it…

Still doing this just hop in :smile:

Whats the highest level/prestige?

Won’t it look a bit odd once the game comes out to the public that dozens of people are running around not at level one right away? It seems like you’re asking for a ban, or a reset if you’re lucky. If you did this once the game was already released I’d think it’d be a little safer - no?

Do you have to accept my friend request for me to get in or do I just join form the COD Menu?