Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I didn’t add it for windows store version?

Well, it works and attached expect the infinite health. I remember a while back @Chris said he will try to add the code to work like RE7 did.


I said that? I’m do not make cheats unless I’m bored then I just post the cheat table.

Yeah you did when you helped make RE7 compatible with Windows store you said you will try CoD IE and CoD MW Remaster

yeah, no.

That wasn’t me. I have nothing to do with trainers. I think you are thinking of Frank and he only works on Infinity back-end.

in any case, great

Ok maybe sorry for the mix up.

Is there a chance unlimited health can be patched as it is not working right now all the rest do.

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Hey STN Unlimited Health Doesn’t Work anymore and it seems infinite ammo is a chance only thing to work right now otherwise client side if it doesn’t work than you will fire bullets endlessly that do no damage even if your host only a chance for that though I don’t know If you Still work on this game anymore but please it’d be nice if you could at least fix the Unlimited Health portion of it thank you if you do so. (and also thanks just for reading this)

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Kinda hard to understand , but this trainer is made for singleplayer game play

@STN The Infinite Health no longer works can you please fix that?
Thank you and keep up the good work.

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yes pls fix god mod :slight_smile: I really love what you are doing STN :slight_smile:

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So I’m just a fool by the way STN infinite ammo works just fine but I was using a past version but something that doesn’t work at all is Invincibility could you please fix that some time

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@STN please is there an ETA to when Unlimited Health will be patched?


So I get this issue with infinite warfare : cheats, all cheat doesn’t work, even after downloading the file shown at top.

I haven’t read all msgs of this post, does somebody give the solution ?

When I enable cheats, game seems harder => anti cheat ?

So if somebody know how turning around this issue I’m impatient to read him :slight_smile:

Any chance this trainer can get updated, all the cheats work except infinite Health, or is there anyway to get it to work?

I’ll request it be made available to vote on but I doubt it will be updated again due to the age of the game :slightly_smiling_face:

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its something atleast, thanks though :slight_smile:

Shouldnt this be updated again, ESPECIALLY considering the age of the game? Its pretty old now and no new updates are coming, so if the creator updates it now, he will be done and over with it, instead of having a mass of outdated trainers.
Imo having 10 outdated trainers which need an update, is worth than not having a trainer for these games at all, because people will keep coming who try the trainer, only to be met with the fact that the trainer does not work.