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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Cheats and Trainer


Zombies require an internet connection, so the trainer wasn’t made to work with it, only campaign. With other words, there is nothing to fix.


yeah so annoying right its the same with all trainers iv tried from Ligon and fling from megagames but both have same issue everything works but the health cheat :frowning:


maybe not but solo is not multiplayer you only need internet to access zombie but once in solo zombies you probably don’t connect to any servers anyway its just stupid tbh as consoles have offline zombies like whats the deal with that


You are constantly connected to a server as it syncs the rounds with the server to update the leaderboard, hence why it’s impossible to constantly mod in Zombies on IW


There would be absolutely nothing stopping people from using a zombies compatible trainer in online multiplayer sessions.

If you think daring developements should change to fit your expectations, then by all means let them know.


I’ve had the same issue as others. Activate the cheats (yes they beep) but NO effect in-game whatsoever. Ammo still runs out, health drops and Yes I do die, a LOT.

Other games I play via Infinity work Flawlessly, just not this one.

I play the Digital Deluxe edition, if that helps any.


I mean I wish It worked in Zombies, but I also wish it could be played offline


No recoil crashes game, infinite health doesn’t work, and somehow results in extremely high flinches when damaged. The other features work perfectly, though.


Game was updated yesterday most likely messing some cheats up.



Infinite ammo works, no reload still works as well, but infinite health does not work at all anymore.

Loving the campaign so far though.


Struggling to get the Unlimited Health mod to work for COD Infinite Warfare.
I can use the other mods great, just not Unlimited Health. I have my copy of COD through Steam and I’m running Windows 10 64bit.
Any fix for this?



Game was updated it seems, i’ll update the trainer.


When you will update trainer?


Struggling to get Infinite Health to work, still. Everything else seems to work fine. Anyone found a work-around?



@stipaloncar 50gb game download :(. Waiting for it to finish downloading


Thank you!


Unlimited health not working, no recoil crashes game. Nobody really cares about no recoil since it is campaign, but please fix unlimited health asap since it is the most important feature. The other features work great though, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


@AstroArchon @stipaloncar @xxShooterman @ZohmBii @Mikango @wjm67x Trainer updated. Try now


Working great so far for me! (Only using Unlimited Health)


Thank you man!