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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Cheats and Trainer


Hiya mate is there a possible (UWP) Windows 10 store version of this trainer please. Cheers :slight_smile:


Still not working :frowning:
I just updated. OS: Win 10.


When I have easy kills activated the game crashes and God mode dosent really work when activated can you please fix thanks :slight_smile:


Are you guys using it in zombies mode? This trainer is for the campaign only.


yeah i was using it in campaign and its crashes my game when i activate easy kills and god mode i still die


Ah jeez, the game had an update a day after i updated. I’ll update it again

Cod infinite warfare unlimited health not working

okay thank you :slight_smile: lmaoo


i used just infinite health yesterday in campaign and i still died


Game crashes when No Recoil is on at least by myself.


My bad always testing on borderless fullscreen with Fullscreen it works without fullscreen you will crash.


Tought it came by myself the problem so i checked everything out.
After rebooting the gamewith Fullscreen the recoil hack will crash your game automatically every single time…


@TechnicallBrains Game’s anti-cheat hits quickly on no recoil so that’s the easiest to crash. I can remove the cheat but most of the time i have been able to activate it fine so i don’t see a reason to. I have added a note in trainer for this.

Oh and this trainer is UP to DATE, i never bothered to reply “updated” because we now have a notification system inside infinity that lets users know when a new trainer is released or updated. nb92 and jollyman replies are before that update.


does the trainer work with the windows store version because i cant find it in my games list? and if not, could you make it win store compatible?


nevermind. probably going to get a refund with no one playing multiplayer.


@MasaShake1986 LOL

Yeah UWP is really new and a pain in the ass for me as a trainer-maker because i buy the game on steam and then have to buy on windows store or ask someone to gift me if i want to make a trainer.


hey stn the unlimited health cheat and unlimited ammo cheat and no reload cheat are not working for me can you please help me?


The game most likely updated again (it loves to do this every week apparently), i’ll update the trainer again.


lol yeah i checked steam and i think it had an update feb 14th


The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trainer has been updated!


  • Updated for steam version vinfinity

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


hey stn i went to play the game today but before i could launch the game on steam call of duty had an update again so i tried playing with the mods the only ones that dont work are unlimited health and the easy kill makes it easy to be killed by the enemys