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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Cheats and Trainer


As of today, 3/4/2017 unlimited health for COD:IW does not work. I’m using the Steam version, I get the beep when I hit F1 but I still get killed. Screen goes read and then says I’m killed by …

Edit: I am playing single player and am on Operation Black Flag. Version is 6.9.1264728 {1269808:9003] according to the splash screen.


Yeah game updated again right after i updated my trainer. Pretty annoying.

I was waiting a few days to see if they update again


It’s a moving target. Let us know when you update. Thanks.


inf health doest work.


hey stn i didn’t see this game on your update to do list i was just wondering about it just in case you might of accidentally forgot about it lol :slight_smile:


Yeah i did. Thanks for reminding me. Hopefully by now they have calmed down with updates.


The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trainer has been updated!


  • Fixed health cheat

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Just going to drop in and say specialist difficulty adds two “new” consumables, nano shots (only form of healing) and helmets (visor gets visibly damaged, helmet eventually breaks and exposes head causing lethal headshots). There is also limb damage.


@STN idk why but for some reason none of the cheats work on my version of infinite warfare, im assuming the number on bottom right of screen on main menu is the game version? if so this is my game version 6.0.1211685.11223048.327671 (ive no way of updating as far as i know) ive the digital deluxe edition even tho ive no way of accessing any of the dlc content :frowning:


You’re a lot of versions behind - this is what is latest on steam

Is there a way for you to update to the latest?


@STN i dont believe so as far as im aware, ill look to see if there is a update patch i can download but im not sure

i found an update but not sure how new it is compared the one i got, on the title of the update patch it says v20161118 so maybe a november update not sure until i open game and take a look but its the only patch i can find not even sure if its compatible with my game though yet

so the update works but its only version 6.3.1222678 [1226725.327671] its the latest one i could get

patch didnt work so ill just wait till i get the game on steam eventually


Grab the most recent one you can then send me your game exe. If it launches on my steam, i could add a version for you.


how do i use this on the steam version i just bought the game, without getting vac flagged theres only 1 game launcher for the game, i wish to play campaign and zombies using the trainer


Don’t use it in zombies, campaign should be fine.


Stopped working in Zombie:sleepy:


Game received a new patch.


Can you please tell me if you could do this on zombies because it would be cool and if not please add it.


also my game cheats do not work in any game modes


The cheats work only in the campaign. They “can” work in MP or zombies but are not made for them


oh ok thanks