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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Cheats and Trainer


my cheats are not working i been talking with N1ceToMeetYou it must be something with the cheats or the game i got it off of steam so that might be it too plz help


Yeah the game was updated. Which cheats aren’t working ?


none are working so far


i mean i put all of them on for a try. I first tried it on campaign on the hardest game mode and that did not turn out so good lol


Okay, i’ll check it out.


thank you


Hi … I noticed that these tricks do not work, if active unlimited health I die anyway, to make it short nothing works …
Please solve the problem.


@KenjiHC please elaborate on the problem you are having instead of just saying its the trainers fault for not working we cant help you if u dont describe the exact issues you are having and what solutions you have tried


It seems that there has been a recent update, as of this writing, none of the trainer options appear to work. I am running the steam version and it states it is version 6.13.1264728. As I just picked this up a couple of days ago, I cannot determine when the update occurred.

Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. All other trainers for this title seem to be having issues, not just Infinity.


Yeah i am waiting for Activision to calm their tits, several times now as soon as i update the trainer, they push an update a day later making my efforts pointless.


I get it, looks like this title has, literally, gotten an update a week just in the last month. Thanks for the update.


Tried the game yesterday - 5/14 and none of the cheats work. Just and FYI - I understand the time it takes to try to stay ahead of the updates. Thanks for your work.


5/31 - cheats still not working - any of them. Am I to assume there is no longer any support or effort to update the cheats?


The trainer doesn’t work. Nothing works. Please update so I can beat that stupid easter egg in Zombies.


It is made for singleplayer, not zombies. [quote=“STN, post:44, topic:21355, full:true”]
Are you guys using it in zombies mode? This trainer is for the campaign only.


But in Zombie it is so helpfull XD


Still not made for it


Really not up to me, its the game devs. They ban people cheating in zombies


still not working in campaign mode - single player - none of the keys work!


Yeah i know, it seems pointless to update the trainer as they release an update a day after i update the trainer. Not to mention there is anticheat in the game which makes it a proper pain in the butthole to update the trainer.

I’ll gather up the courage one day and update it. Not today, not in mood for BSODs and seeing a game crashing a thousand times