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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Cheats and Trainer


stn can you do one for zombies please?


No, people would use it online.


Infinite Health seems to be outdated, i stil die when i get shot.


infinite health doesn’t work any more and F6 causes my game to freeze up.


Hi, so, the trainer needs an update as the cheats deactivate immediately after activation, thanks!


Which cheats?


Hi, the health cheat doesn twork


Can confirm the health cheat has stopped functioning.


same here


Yeah, can also confirm the health cheat to not work, along with no recoil.


Yeah, I can confirm that Unlimited Health, Unlimited Ammo cheats are not working!


I agree, the unlimited health does NOT work. @STN please help =D

Also the unlimited ammo, easy kills, perfect accuracy, no recoil no longer work. No Reload and Rapid Fire still work well.




Has this game been left in the dust? Should we not expect an update @STN ?


Has the game stopped updating as much?


I believe that it doesn’t update much of all anymore @STN . It looks like the last patch was 11/7/17.


OK ay


@STN Stil not working for me


I’d mainly like to see this work for zombies if possible. That way I can still progress solo. =)

Please save us from the Aimbot’ers in multiplayer and allow us to do zombies. It’s the only other way to progress in the game and unlock things. We can also play it solo.


Sooo, any updates on this? Would be amazing.