Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Absolute garbage mods, super glitchy in single player and doesn’t even work on multiplayer.

They’re not supposed to work in multiplayer. It’s pretty odd that you’re Pro yet you don’t know that WeMod does NOT support using any of their cheats online. You also have to consider when these mods came out, they will likely NOT update them as a very, very small amount of people play the game. The mods all work for me, so I don’t really understand what you mean by “garbage.” Maybe you’re just using them wrong.

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Except it is multiplayer when there is more than one person involved. You know ‘multi’ means more than one, right? There is no way for it to work, I recommend having a friend afk or using two devices, except not everyone has the latter option.

Is there possibility to get them for 64-bit version?

Yeah, it would be nice to have the 64-bit version

Trainer is not functional atm. It sucks wanted to use this on spec ops solo

Facing a problem where none of the cheats are working. Possible patch?

please update, the trainer not working anymore