Call of duty waw/black ops zombie mods?

can anyone tell me where to get the zombie mods for these games

Maybe you want to visit this link and I think you’ll find everything you need.

WaW: Singleplayer mod menu’s.
bo1: gpd mods.

how do I get the zombie

you could download a savegame for call of duty WAW just change IDs for BOP 1 download GPD and do the same change IDs and save,rehash and resign If you want to mod BOP2 you need to have a JTAG or RGH and you need to download a trainer

i have cod waw mods xbox 360 add me RaiN QuicKscope

How can I restore a hacked score of Call of Duty War at Ware?

Help Me Please :frowning:


Well if u want WaW mods i suggest you download Modio it has lots of game saves including WaW mods just get the one u choose go to single player and start it it will crash then click start and go to zombies that simple. (Hope fully talking about modio is legal on here)

I have iso Project xv2 mod menu for world at war./Gamertage is Derpy0hooves

im sorry guys but if you dont know how to mod WaW or BO1 then you really shouldnt be modding.
its the most basic type of modding out there and a quick google search will get you everything you need.

Some of the mods that worked a few months ago aren’t working now.

This is 5 years old. Locked