Call of Duty WaW Gpd Editor

Call of Duty World at War Gpd Editer

1 Virus Due To Cracked Version Of NET Reactor But No Harm Full

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Give Credit ProStreet

Verified Safe.

And who are you?

I am PayPal. DERP. I’m just saying it’s safe. I know where to look for keyloggers/rooters. STFU.

Ran in Sandboxie. Fight me.

Can’t really do anything with this but nice anyway

You can delete your cache and you use it for messing around offline, right?

does it work online?

lol, nobuddy knows that if you have a jtag, you infect yoursef with a dvar that will let you use the gpds online?

lol sorry but ps cant code a open file diaolog
the source is on game tuts
and better version for sale

Even though ProStreet didn’t code half of this.

Sandboxie is nothing now. It can be bypassed very easily…just saying

i have seen him codeing… i know he can code this