Call Of The Dead - How to kill the boss?

does any1 know how to kill the boss at the start or any good ways to stay alive long? thanks.

No ones gonna know if it’s just came out. O.o

So theres a boss?

Yes, its George Romero.

theres ppl saying about it already so it has been done

You dont kill him. Just dont shoot him and dont let him attack you.

That’s cool. I guess :expressionless:

He’s huge and he carries around this big stage light that shocks you if you let him hit you with it.

Simple then, don’t let him hit you. :smile:

If you shoot him, he comes charging after you until you run into the water. So… don’t shoot him either. >.<

I’ve seen 2 vids already, I know not to shoot them. BTW, I won’t be on till about 12:00n CST(2hr 30m) then we will some Call of the Dead.

No problem.

u can kiill him either keep shooting him and then go in water so he stops chargeing at u and keep shooting.once u get death machines u should be all set after u shot him a little bit. btw already found i meteor or w.e its called and found a radio =)

Dozens have people have confirmed shooting him does nothing, even with the death machine

hmm maybe team work would work! shooting doesnt help then nade him, if doesnt help neither search the map for traps and lure him in to it.

Check this out to kill George Romero!!

Kill it! Kill it with fire!

i was just woundering when these types of threads would start coming in. but to answer your question i dont think you can :smile: but i dont have the maps and dont want to buy them (im cheep) so i dont know, sorry i could not help.

The only way to kill him is to get the gun that turns zombies into humans and then upgrade it and shoot George with it.

That’s all

Upgrade the gun that turns zombies to humans, then when hes in the water shoot him with it and he will die.