Call of the Dead: Single and Co-Op Paradise

The easter egg is now complete in solo!

Ok, I am going to be explaining the steps in text form. I do not take credit for figuring these out.

-1: Go to the door, and knife it. Wait for them to stop talking and go get the fuse. Hold X on the panel beside the door.

-2: Knife the door again, then destroy all the generators.

-3: Go to the power room, and turn the steering wheel 3 times (until the brown handle is facing down right/south east.) Then go right to the levers, and pull the one on the left once, and the one on the right 3 times.

-4: Get the VR-11 and go the the bottom of the lighthouse, leave a couple crawlers. Shoot the VR-11 when the crawler gets near the green light. Now when he is being sucked into the light, shoot him until he dies. A golden device will appear, it does not look like what richtofen depicted at all, it will be at the bottom of the light house, take this device to the door, and put it in the tube, it will get sucked up and the characters will take again.

-5 Go up to where you put the fuse in the first step and knife the fuse. You will get the achievement and a Wunderwaffle until it runs out of bullets.


All credit to Telixion his youtube channel


Step 1:
Turn the power on.

To turn the power on, raise about 5000+ points. Go to the bottom of the lighthouse where you hear voices.

Step 2:
Find the door and knife it a few times.

The door you’ll need to be finding is in the house attached to the lighthouse, which is home to PhD Flopper. There are a few ways to get to this house.

Another quicker way is to take the flinger over to the outside of the lighthouse. You’ll need to clear the debris, allowing you to get to the lighthouse first. The flinger is located on the ship, on the second floor right where the M16 is. All you have to do is stand on the platform right in front of the M16 and you’ll be catapaulted to the lighthouse. Once outside, follow the stairs down into the PhD flopper room and take the stairs to your left down, hang a right, travel forward a bit, turn left and face the door and you’re there.
Once you’re facing the door which looks a bit futuristic and metal, knife it 2-4 times until you hear Tank, Nikolai, Takeo, and Richtofen speak.

[size=20]Step 3:
Find the fuse.

The fuse is pretty simple to find and its extremely close the room with the door. After the crew is done talking, head up the stairs to your right to the PhD Flopper room, in there will be a desk next to flopper, a desk to the opposite wall and a metal cabinet on the wall to across from the window where zombies can break in. The fuse will either be on one of the desks, or leaning up against the cabinet. The fuse looks like a dark tube, and once you find it, hold X to pick it up. Once you have it, head back down the stairs to the door where the crew is behind, and you’ll find a control panel type mechanism to the right of it. Look at the mechanism and hold X to place the fuse. Knife the door just to be sure you’ve let them know you placed the fuse. [/size]

[size=25]Step 4:
Locate the generators and destroy them.

After you place the fuse and the crew is done with what they have to say, there are 4 generators to locate and destroy.
1st Generator:
Right in front of the door where the crew is hidden behind. You’ll see the top dome part glowing red, put something explosive on the top to destroy it; i.e. Semtex, Scavenger shot, Crossbow shot.

2nd Generator:
Generator 2 = Go to the bottom or top of the lighthouse and look towards Stamina Up and which is behind the entrance of the lighthouse. If you are in the stamina Up house then it is outside of the right window in the inside of that house. This is top lighthouse view.

3rd Generator:
Head out to the very front of the lighthouse door with the AK-74u right next to it. Head forward and to the left a bit and you’ll stumble upon more debris. Buy the debris and head forward a bit, but make sure you keep an eye to your right to see where the generator is, its between two big glaciers and it has a bright red light so you can’t miss it.

4th Generator:
Head to the spawn and to the left to go up the ship. Head forward until you reach the side of the ship and look out to the bottom a bit and to the right, the generator will be on the bottom of the ice. Make sure the generators light goes out from explosion. [/size]

[size=20]Step 5:
Locate the Vodka.
Collect the vodka. Usually placed outside above the PhD Flopper room in a block of ice on the side of the rail. But will sometimes move to different places on the map(refer to videos online). Have one person stand below the bottle while another person knives it.

Take Bottle to door in step 1. Put in tube located just to the left of the door. Knife door and listen to next step.

Go to lighthouse, sync the dials to the following code:
-Activating certain dials will only turn specific other dials. Let me explain:
Activating Purple turns: Purple and Blue
Activating Blue turns: Blue, Purple, and Orange
Activating Orange turns: Orange, Blue, and Yellow
Activating Yellow turns: Yellow and Orange
The Starting numbers on the dials are as followed:
Purple-4 [/size]

Once completing that, activate all broken radios. The order you must activate is as followed:
a)One near flinger/power switch
b)One near Stamina-Up
c)One inside Cargo Crate
d)One near PhD Flopper

Go to the power room, turn captains wheel and levers to the same position needed in solo.
Captains Wheel turned to 4 o’clock. Left lever pressed once, right lever pressed 3 times

Locate the Fog Horns. The must be played in this order: 2413
Locate the Fog Horns. The must be played in this order: 2413
-1 Being the Highest Pitch, 4 Being the Lowest.
Credit Goes to Foxxxy…or whoever else found it
Fog Horn Locations:
a) Go down the slide on the back side of the lighthouse, once passing the Sleight of Hand, make an immediate right. One horn will be located in that corner
b) Go down the slide on the back side of the lighthouse, once passing the Sleight of Hand, continue straight until your on the small snow island. The horn will be next to the large rock in the center of the island.
-The Next two are hard to explain, but I’ll try my best.
c)Look at the lighthouse directly below the zipline connected to the top of the lighthouse. On the left close to the lighthouse, one horn will be there.
d)Look at the lighthouse directly below the zipline connected to the top of the lighthouse. On the right side, close to the water, the last horn is located there.

The Submarine will now appear and shine the green light into the lighthouse.

Go to the bottom of the lighthouse to see the green beam. Bring a zombie next to the beam and shoot him with the VR11 until he turns into a human. The green beam will suck him upwards. Wait till he disappears at the top of the lighthouse. Go back to the bottom of the lighthouse to claim your prize…the golden rod.

Bring the golden rod to the door at step 1, put into same tube as the vodka. Knife door. Obtain the WunderWaffle and get the achievement

Find the Golden Rod with Fingers.
Credit to TylerJawnsun of TTG for this

Adding Pictures soon!

Very nice thread keep it updated. deserves a sticky :smile:

thanks will do dont worry

Very nice, how we find the golden rod? Most people (me & friends) get past vodka then are lost.

i believe you need the v11 and some guns to kill the guy.

Killing his does nothing towards this easter egg.

well ill try looking but also will update when its found.