Calling all weeaboos! What should I read/watch?

Hey gang, got some spare time over the holidays since I’ve broke up from university for a few weeks and I’ve recently been getting into anime and manga again but am stuck for what to watch. I recently watched and read Tokyo Ghoul which I thought was really good although I’m out of ideas for what series are good.

Here’s a quite outdated list of stuff I’ve watched: - It’s missing any of the many random short series I’ve watched and doesn’t have any the manga I’ve read but it could maybe help with suggestion. I tend to like any genre though but looking for a longish series to binge over the holidays ideally.

One Punch Man or we’re not friends

Course I’ve already seen it, should know me better than that

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tbh most of the stuff you’ve watched is shounen trash. You should try to expand your horizons a bit m8. Your list looks large, but most of it is just repeat series.

Fate Zero
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Log Horizon
Lucky Star
Mirai Nikki

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Watched a few of these and ye the list is from when I did only really watch shounen trash haha. I remember you gave me good recommendations ages ago so I’ll go for a few of these. Thanks pal

An anime that I’ve been watching is Psycho-Pass. Out of everything I watched this year (which isn’t much) it’s really good. Ever watch anime movies?

Rewatch Tokyo Ghoul or bust. But if you don’t BTOOOM is pretty ok and Highschool DxD (It’s ecci but I still enjoyed it)

Btooom! I remember you mentioning that to me ages ago and catching up with it, must’ve been a year or two now. Completely forgot about it and stopped reading it haha, I did really enjoy it though so may see where I was up to. Think I remember most of the story but might have to recap.