Callisto protocol

hi all so i noticed that theres wemod for callisto protocol steam but non for epic games
was wondering if a wemod for epic games will be made?


Hello and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Trainers at WeMod are made or updated based on the popularity of the game/platform within the entire WeMod community as a whole (plus where you put your boosts as a Pro user). See more here: Game Queue.

Saying that, most (but not all) Steam trainers work perfectly on Epic store versions of the game, and vice versa. Click the Fix button in the trainer and manually link the game’s .exe found in C:\Program Files\Epic Games\GAME-NAME, :slight_smile:

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This doesn’t work for me. When i try to run the game via the Wemod launcher I’m told, that: “we have trouble finding your game”. It does launch the game itself tho, but the trainer controls remain unresponsive (gray). So i guess an Epic version is still a viable request…

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Hello, i have the same problem, i have the epic version of the game, i select the executable but the wemod launcher give me an error message, plz fix asap…thanks.

Still not working for Epic Games! :frowning:

Not working with Contagion Mode! Any prevision?

Hi, i have the same problem. The trainer doesnt work with epic. is there any news on that?

me to, not working for epic

The trainer clearly states it needs an update.

Open the trainer in the WeMod software to see that.

And the trainer is clearly in the update queue.

Click the “Creators” tab in the WeMod software to see the current queue.