Can anyone with diamond change my war supporter ribbons to 29? GOWJ

Is it possible on horizon diamond to change the amount of ribbons for the “War supporter” achievement to 29/30. So I can play one match and pop the achievement?

If so do you need my profile and player data(GOW J)

Believe that would work yes, but be careful to mod MP stats.

Thank you for the quick response. I do not have diamond and I only want those ribbons changed. I’m asking if it was possible then to see if anyone would be kind enough to do it for me?

Im sorry but that would be against the rules if someone did it for you.

I skimmed the rules and must have not realized this. Thank you.

As stated above it would be against the rules for someone to mod your save for you if the tool requires diamond you do not have, it would also pose a ban risk to their diamond subscription.

If you’d like to purchase diamond you can do so here!