Can Apple Block my iPhone with the IMEI number?

Ok so i think i have done something stupid and i think that apple are going to block my iphone… Anyone know if apple can block my phone?

If so anyway to unblock it?]

I dont think they can

Maybe you might be able to change the IMEI number on the iPhone or re activate it on pwnagetool.

No, they wont block your phone. What exactly did you do?

They think someone stole my iphone when i sent it in…

They are sending me a new one…

They asked for my IMEI number and i am scared that they will block my old one

Sounds like they are going to return yours to the original owner, and give you a new one?

Did you buy yours from an individual?

No i never sent mine off in the first place… So i am getting a free iphone 4 basically…

But i really dont want my phone blocked but i have heard rumors that apple can block your phone with the IMEI number… Which i stupidly gave them

So i dont want my iphone blocked, because i was planning on selling the free one!

And i bought mine BRAND NEW from a network provider in the uk

I dont think they will block it, theres a lot of stolen iphones that are sold and dont get blocked, i’ll continue to look into it, but i think your good. Or at least wait a week-2 weeks before you get rid of the replacement.

Also, activate the replacement iphone when you get it, if anything they will deactivate your current once that one goes active.

Ok please PLEASE message me or put back to this forum if you find out anything… You have been a great help!

i think they can only “brick” iphones and ipods and thats if they catch you jailbreaking it

No offense, but that is irrelevant to the topic :confused:

Thanks for the info though


Researched some more, if it is stolen, or “HOT” the most that they do is block your number “AT&T does this” But thats if your phone gets stolen from you.

Apparently apple doesnt care, but they can help you find it if its stolen.

Only thing i can suggest is to activate the second phone coming in and if your current goes dark then you have an answer. Other than that i think your good.

The use of IMEI number is so that the IMEI that is registered to that network will work. It is like a communication ID from the phone to the registered network. If a carrier can block imei from their network, the phone will no longer work within that carrier. Not all countries have this feature, such that of U.S AT&T network which does not block IMEI.

Ok thanks GATOR for all the info!

I think i am going to ring apple tomorrow and say someone found it and sent it back to me

The iphone they have shipped to me has already been sent, so i will just say no need to block my phone and i will send the other one back… Which i won’t…

:cry: just thought it would help

Anyone got anymore news?

They can Brick it.
RIM aka Blackberries will make it so you can’t connect to any network even if its unlocked.