Can i change a LiteOn for a BENQ?

Okay maybe a nooby question from an experienced modder, but i have always wondered if you can change out one type of drive for another. You see, i have a LITEON for my current Xbox and i wanted to know if i could change it out for a BENQ seeming as i have 4 BENQ drives sitting doing nothing 2 of which are flashed with old FW.

So, for those who dont want to read.

Can i change out my LiteOn with a BENQ so i can reflash it with the new fw and play new games?

Is there any security stopping me from changing out the drives etc.

Yes you can, BUT to do it you will have to get your DVD and CPU keys off of your LITE-ON and put those on the BENQ. You cant just open your box up and swap them out. It’s not that easy.

You would have to obtain the key from the liteon at which point you might as well just flash the liteon.

But yes you can swap the drives.

Cheers for the fast answers, you see i have the 02510 liteOn and i couldnt find any detailed guides, the LiteOn just tends to need some soldering and what not to just get the key.

So if i can get the key from the LiteOn i can change it over to the Benq.

Chris, if you wouldn’t mind, you can do the honors in closing this :wink:

Wait wait wait. If you can’t get the key you can’t use the benq. You need the drive key or it wont work with your xbox. You need a probe 3 to extract the key without trace cuts. I’m not understanding why you just don’t flash the liteon.

Just seems like a mission to get it flashed. And i dont have a probe 3 or a ck3 to use to get the key. I had a little look at it today, and thought i would leave it to a day where i can just sit down and crack on with it once i have everything i need.

Now that your saying i should just flash it, ill look into getting a ck3 and probe and how to flash the liteon.

It says in jungle flasher you can’t swap liteon if your on 2.0 ??

Why do you need a ck3? You just need the probe 3

Do note that they CAN detect spoofed drives now on LIVE and you will get banned if you spoof your drive, aside that refer to Chris’ posts for help.

You can make a probe it’s not to hard either :smile:

Just sounds like a mission. Been watching people using the Ck3 and Probe to get the drive flashed, just wish it was a benq drive right now :L

Cheers for the help guys. Might find myself a spare day next week to get it all done <3

hi good day or night i have a liteon drive i mis and fry the board on it i wont to change it to benq so i will need the ke y from it that

To my understanding, if you are going to swap drives you can spoof a BenQ to be a LiteOn, but not the other way around. I prefer BenQ drives myself over LiteOn’s

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