Can I install an xbox 360 game (Skyrim) via usb to play it with a scratched CD

I scratched my skyrim game by knocking my xbox accidentally, the game reads as skyrim but wont play, I never installed it but I was wondering if there is any way to install a cracked version via usb and play using the cd because my xbox isn’t modded.

Simple answer; NO, you can not download a Xbox 360 Game and play it from your USB or DVD.

So even with the original game CD I cant install it to my xbox with any mods on my xbox?

Get a JTAG or RGH and you can do what you want.

If you get an RGH or make your own you can burn an .iso file to a DVD and play it like a normal game.

Borrow a friends disc, install it to your hard drive then you should a be able to play using your old scratched disc. Also although you can’t transfer the full Skyrim game from a USB, you can transfer all the DLC and play them as they are DRM free.

well if u had a friend that had the game he could burn that game on a new CD and give it to u and u can play it again :smile:

100% False statement. You can only play backups/burnt games on a flashed console.

I would go to a Red Box or “Blockbuster” (if thats still around) and just swap disk problem solved :smile:

I remember the good old days of block buster! Until Red Box came.