Can i play destiny on my xbox 360 jtag?

Hey Guys please help me out…tell me please can i play Destiny on my xbox 360 jtagged???

Short answer: Yes.


dude i extract iso file of Destiny with xboxiso extractor and i copied in external hdd and when i attached hdd with xbox n press A to launch game then my xbox was freezed.

Make sure you are on the newest dashboard and have the newest update for destiny. I believe you will need to patch the xex also but I haven’t done it in a while.

how can i update my dashboard?

Google is your friend.


how can i find my cpu key?

google is your friend.

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hahahahha lol

last night i tried to update dashboard but my dashboard still on 349.0. I tried to launch the destiny game then i got error like this “you must need xbox 360 Hard drive to play destiny”…how to fix it?