Can I remove Motion Flex v2.1 from my ISO?

Hey guys I have COD World at war ISO modded with Motion Flex v2.1 can I remove it?

Just download the stock files that you replaced

Thanks aden34, I can’t find them any where…>.<

If you had the original WAW and inserted the Motion Flex files then you can just replace them back but if you got it with the files already on it then you’ll have to find default ones to replace it.

Hi napz, yes the files where already on it :anguished:

Stupid question but do you have the original disc?

Hi ZzsNaKezZ, had the disk but lent it someone and can’t remember who…

use xbox image browser and replace the modded files with normal ones

Hi King Kong, now that sounds good :smile:

Just have to work out how to do it>.< lol I’m searching for info now…

just replace all of these files. im sure that’s all of them. plus a few extras like the MP files but just to be safe

make sure you replace nazi and default last. default very last

Hi again I have the xbox image browser and do you think I can get it installed on Win 8.1 :help

Yeah it works on 8.1, just make sure you have the required net framework

Had to change some settings in CMD and now xbox image browser works fine…

Oh yeah I forgot about that you had to register some stuff in the registry or something haha

Yep that’s the one lol
Now I’ve had a look but it all doesn’t make that much sense to me what files are original and which are not…

Well I have changed the Common.ff but is there any more that need to be changed as well?

Look at what files came with motion flex and replace them