Can i use on a profile live gold

hi everyone I am using horizon for my xbox 360 games but I want to know if I can mod my xbox games on a one and a profile with the live gold plz help me

I believe you can mod your saves on the 360, then put the saves on your cloud storage and you’ll be able to use them on the Xbox One. I’m not entirely sure though. It also has to be a backwards compatible game. Hope I helped! :slight_smile:

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thnx but can i mod games when i play on xbox live i’ll be banned or not

Just keep away from tenure modding and anything that unlocks achievements and you should be fine.

thnx so i can’t mod a game like gta5 to earne money ???

No, you would need a jtag/rgh (google it) for that.

Horizon is mostly just singleplayer save game modding, very few multiplayer games stores player progress on the user’s system.

okey thank you so much