Can i use Paypal to buy Pro

Hi just wanting to ask if i can use Paypal to buy Pro.

does it give you the option on checkout?

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Yup, you can!

This is what i get after i click Next Level

When you enter your Credit cards details in those fields, does the next step take you to the PAYPAL’s page, or the payment goes through ?

Assuming you tried entering the details, and clicked on the UPGRADE NOW button.

I also get to see the same option like you, but I prefer paying money directly via PAYPAL itself, so that’s why I’m asking.

No i have not tryed due to i dont like placing my Credit Card Details into anything other than Paypal. I will try it later just take my Brothers card when he is not looking and use his since i dont care about his money. (That last part was a joke)

that would be both theft and Fraud

We’re working on getting PayPal up and running. It turns out we have to wait on some extra verification. In the mean time, your credit card info is safe on Braintree, which is owned by PayPal.