Can i use wemod on livestream playing offline games?

Hi there, is there someone who can tell me if it is against the rules or not to use wemod when i livestream? Not online multiplayergames but offline singleplayer. And also is it against the rules or not for youtube live or youtube videos?
I know not all viewers would like it, but then they shouldn’t watch. :wink:

We have no issue with you doing this; however, if you are streaming on twitch they have a zero-tolerance policy toward cheating even in single-player games so don’t mention or show wemod if you do use it.

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and youtube? have they also an zero tolerance policy about cheating live? or in a video?
so twitch wouldnt be a good place to stream if i want to use wemod in my games?

Youtube doesn’t seem to care. Twitch isn’t a good place if you say you are cheating because of their policy. You would probably be fine if you don’t mention that you are cheating. Some people have also said if you delete the VOD after the stream they don’t care, but I can’t confirm.