Can somebody back my Assassins Creed Black Flag Save


Twenty characters

Oh, and make sure you resign it before giving it to me

I think the editor is diamond only. Using the editor for someone else would be against site rules. Horizon is actin up for me so can’t check.

You just need to be signed in and head over to the game modders section. AC4 should be there.

Uh, sNaKe…

Ummm… Can someone else help me

Be patient?
Not everyone is 24/7 available’s been only 2 hours since you requested the help


I just checked. Black Flag is a Diamond only tool. You could probably find a cheap lower end Windows laptop or netbook for $50-100 so you could do this stuff yourself. I know sNaKe has been helping you out with these a lot lately, but you can’t expect this to go on forever. We like to help out around here as much as we can, but at some point you need to find your own way of getting it done.

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Somethings up with my horizon install. Tried reinstalling but didn’t fix it. I don’t use Horizon myself anymore so I don’t feel like spending over an hour troubleshooting what could be wrong.

Get a windows xp desktop computer. People want to get rid of them even if they are fully operational.

I’ve removed the contents of your first post. You cannot ask someone to mod your save if it requires Diamond unless you subscribe.

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