Can someone please help me? read this

Thanks to horizon my gpd isnt loading into the fh2 modder and gives me this message…
"Invalid signature type detected for the loaded package. Haled reading. Please make sure the file is a valid Xbox360 XContent Package (‘LIVE’. ‘PIRS’. 'CON ')"
Exactly that message shows up when i try to open the fh2 gpd

To my understanding FH2 is a gamesave mod not a gpd mod. You’ll have to load your save via usb.

than why does it not say that how am i supposed to know

thanks tho
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wait so how do i pull my save off i normally only do gpd mods

Move your save to your USB drive. Open Horizon, find your save and make a backup of it just in case something goes wrong when modding it. Now use the FH2 editor and edit your save. You can now move it back to your hard drive or just load it from your USB drive.

k thanks man

also why cant i mod my garage in the modder on horizon for fh2

I’m not familiar with FH2 modding as I don’t play it. But I do remember others talking about issues with modding their garage. You should search here on site for threads that could help you out.

when ever I mod my saints row 4 it wont work I need help pls :cry:

make y our own thread than but try enabling safe mode just in case something messes up