Can someone resign my save for me please?

I don’t have a computer, so I can’t use horizon. I really want to mod sa2b, but can’t because I don’t have a computer. Would anyone like to resign my save for me, because I can’t do it.
Here’s the link to my save:

Here’s my profile ID if you need it:
Please, don’t get mad at me for asking for help, I just can’t buy a computer and I really want to have help with this. Thanks

I can do it for you but how would you put the file onto your xbox 360 without a pc?

I use a tablet, a micro sd card + a micro sd to usb adapter

The save already has the profile id you wanted (E000668A8D31FE5F).

That’s alright. Just resign a couple times to make sure that it works. Thanks for helping me btw

You are sure giving me a weird vibe. I don’t see how this would fix anything. (16.4 KB)