Can someone sign this map i found to my profile plz

i know i asked for things like this too much, but i seriously have no computer to do these things. so with that out of the way, i would love if someone could sign this map to : EF5D0839079F923D
heres the save, and again, plz dont complain i seriously have no other way to do this, so it helps so much

Also, in case someone asks, im on my fire tv, so i can put it onto a usb, but oh i wish it was on android, and i wouldnt have to do this

actually, can you get Horizon on a chromebook, im getting one for Christmas, and would love to know if there is/was a way to use horizon on a chromebook???

I reaaaallly hate to ask peop!e to do these things for me, but i dont have any other way to do this…

EDIT: unless i could get horizon on a chromebook, because i know im getting one for Christmas, but i wonder if its possible to install horizon somehow?

is there anyone out there willing to help me??


sNaKe, if you’re watching this, plz help me…

It shouldn’t be very difficult to get an old windows xp desktop. Doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just something that works at all. Horizon will not run on chromebook os and installing windows on it is more difficult than with regular computers (probably some drivers missing too). With chromebook os you would need to run an emulator and it might not work with horizon.

Don’t spam. Make 1 post and make edits to it if neccecery. You can make a new post when someone replies to the previus one.

And no, I will not resign your save again.

Why don’t you ask for something with Windows on it instead of a chromebook? That would solve all your problems.

And please don’t start asking for help a half hour after creating a topic like this. Give us time to see it first. We don’t live here, we just visit often.

I’m going to do it for you this one time and then I’m done like sNaKe is.!jBlBlIyC!hzXn_OSZ56-ipsT1m1gPKYoCiSmIaJ_BubK7EWLl9NA