Can someone tell me how to mod waw using this wesite

can someone inbox me and help me modd waw

Horizon does not have a world at war mod tool.

There are plenty of modded USB saves out there, Google them.

Hi just download winrar and use it to get a mod profile on horizon. (search on youtube)

  1. Download WinRar.
  2. Download the file from a trusted youtube video.
  3. Drag the file (has been in winrar) into horizon.
  4. Go to your xbox home and go to system>storage>profiles and take your profile and move it to a pen drive.
  5. Remove the pen drive from the xbox.
  6. Insert pen drive into pc/laptop.
  7. Drag it into horizon as well.
  8. On the section that appeared from the file being dragged in, delete the last 3 boxes and replace with the ones from your profile.
  9. On the file profile, save rehash and (can’t remember this word).
  10. Save it to the memory stick and plug the memory stick in xbox.
  11. Log into your profile.
  12. Go to Cod Waw.
  13. Open campaign and resume.
  14. You should be kicked off to the main menu.
  15. Go to Nazi Zombies, solo and then when it starts press the BACK button on the controller.
  16. The menu has loaded so enjoy!

If you have questions just ask :stuck_out_tongue: